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Frequently Asked Questions


Except in the case of an individual contractors license(which is issued to the owner of a sole proprietorship), the firm holds the license, not the qualifying party. A license is not transferable from one entity to another (LA R.S. 37:2156, Paragraph D). To obtain a license application for the new entity, please contact the Board.

If you intend to form a legal entity such as a corporation, partnership, or LLC, you should form the entity and make the application in the name of the entity. It is not advisable to apply for an individual license if the intent is to ultimately form a corporation or other legal entity. A license is not transferable from one entity to another(LA R.S. 37:2156, Paragraph D).

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for an in-state contractor license to be issued and 9-10 weeks for an out-of-state license to be issued. There is a 60-day waiting period for out-of-state contractors, which begins on the date the application is received. The amount of time required to process a license depends on several factors, including whether or not all required paperwork and fees are submitted and how promptly bank and contractor/material supply dealer references are returned. It is recommended to contact all references to assure that responses will be submitted on time.

No.  A contractor’s license is required to bid, contract, or perform work in the amount of $50,000 or more ($1 or more for hazardous) in the State of Louisiana.

There are no provisions in the Louisiana Contractor’s License Law to allow for a  temporary contractor license.

To obtain a Louisiana Contractors License Copy mail or fax (225-765-2690) a written request signed by the sole proprietor for an individual license or an officer for a corporate license or a member for an LLC license or a partner for a partnership license.

All parties in a joint venture are required to be licensed at the time the bid is submitted. Each party to the joint venture may only perform within the applicable classifications of the work of which he is properly classified to perform (Section 1103 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board).

A subcontractor who wishes to submit a bid of $50,000 or more ($1 or more for hazardous) must be properly licensed at the time of the bid.

The Board has reciprocity agreements with the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors, the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, the Mississippi Board of Contractors, the North Carolina Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, the Tennessee Board for Licensing General Contractors, and the Utah Construction Trades Bureau Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing. PLEASE NOTE: Your firm must be domiciled in one of these states and hold a license in the domiciliary state for a minimum of three years with no record of disciplinary action. If your firm meets these requirements, the Board will consider waiver of the 60-day waiting period for out-of-state contractors and may consider waiver of trade examinations. There is no waiver of the Business and Law examination. Reciprocity is not automatic. You must submit a written request for consideration.

Contact the Louisiana Attorney General’s office at 225-342-7013 to obtain information on LA R.S. 38:2211-2296.

The easiest way to determine if a project is public is if tax money is a means of revenue for the project.

 Louisiana prohibits test takers from bringing their books into the state exam test. 

A project must be classified as electrical or mechanical when the majority of the work falls under that classification. The monetary value of the electrical or mechanical material and/or equipment furnished by the owner or builder, if any, is used in determining the amount of electrical or mechanical work involved.